Our Priestesses



The executive director of Belladonna Sanctuary, Jo received her Master of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religion from the Women’s Spirituality Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, in 2006. Her academic research and teachings on the ancient global history of female shamanism and women’s spiritual leadership examines the foundation of traditions from which her practice emerges as a contemporary seeress, trancemedium and subtle energetic healer. For over two decades Jo has had a full-time practice as a professional clairvoyant and energy worker. A specialist of subtle body mechanics and repair, she totals over 30,000 hours of reading and healing experience. She’s been researching and writing on seership and mediumship since 1988. She has combined this information with her work as a ritual priestess since 1992. Jo resides in Berkeley, CA and works with and teaches clients worldwide.


For more information, visit: http://www.josephinemacmillan.com


Carolyn Hunt

Carolyn is a Wiccan priestess, trained and ordained by Felicity Artemis Flowers in the Dianic tradition, with education in feminist theory, women’s spirituality, and ethnic studies and a background in comedic theatre.She brings wisdom to her work, accumulated through years of academic analysis, studying earth-based spirituality, and building closeknit communities. Carolyn specializes in convening sacred and playful circles to heal wounds, generate hope, and manifest individual and group vision. She helps groups go deep and stay light. Those she works with tend to value Mother Earth, women leaders and healers, and embracing intuition and pleasure as central to leading a full life. Her students and clients understand that we need each other and magic to make crucial individual and systemic change. Everyone has a calling. For Carolyn, it’s helping you follow your true path and mark your life passages through ritual.


For more information, visit: carolynhuntrituals.com


Laura Crapo

Trained in the fine arts with an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, an independent recording artist, songwriter, author, music video director and mother of three, Laura became a healer in 2002; Reiki master, Triple Flame Healer in 2003. She is available for readings, healing sessions and training in all three levels of Reiki. Group or individual classes. Lessons in Meditation and opening up your intuition also available. In-person or distance healing. Special or important event healing and ceremonies (sending positive energy to a special or important event in your future to clear blocks, promote goodwill, understanding and a peaceful and blissful experience.) For example: weddings, business meetings, house blessings etc. Officiating weddings.


For more information, visit: http://www.lauracrapo.com 

Email Laura at: lauracrapo@gmail.com

Caitlin Rose Phillips

Caitlin’s readings integrate physiological, emotional, spiritual and mental aspects. Caitlin has studied meditation, clairvoyance, flower remedies, homeopathic medicine, holistic nutrition and NLP. Caitlin graduated Berkeley Psychic Institute 1991, American University of Complementary Medicine in Homeopathy 2002, Nutrition Educator from Bauman College in 2006, Flower Remedy training in Australia Certification Level 1, Nutripuncture training levels 1 & 2 and most recently NLP practioner training. Caitlin shares her knowledge and deep appreciation for these forms of healing.


Phone appointments available: 1 Hour Sessions $200 15 Minute Session $50. To contact Caitlin directly, please call: 831-325-6540


Dawn is a wedding officiant, seeress/clairvoyant, trancemedium, healer, and teacher. Dawn has been doing psychic readings and headings since 1986. She graduated and taught at both the Berkeley Psychic Institute and the Aesclepion Healing Center. Dawn’s Passion is to assist clients in the manifestation of there dreams and visions. Dawn provides readings on all subjects, including readings for pets and those that love them.


For more information, visit: www.readingsbydawn.com

Email Dawn: SpiritExpress@hotmail.com

A Priestess of the Arts, Forest is a fine art decorative painter and mural artist from Navada City, California. She also is a trained Belladonna Sanctuary priestess as well as a clairvoyant, trancemedium, and healer. You can contact Forest via email at: forestaliya@gmail.com.


Be sure to check out her website: www.forestaliya.com

A priestess, yogini, artist, scholar, Laura offers intuitive readings, spiritual healings and ritual services. Laura is the author of Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power. To learn more visit: www.lauraamazzone.com


Sundew Mosher

Sundew is a priestess and fine artist currently residing in California.

Elise is a seeress/clairvoyant, intuitive reader, healer, artist, and teacher. Elise is a psychic, yogini and the author of An A-Z Guide to Healing Foods and Chakra Tonics. Elise offers yoga classes in the SF Bay Area.


For more information, visit: www.chakratonics.org


Katie Silcox has studied with the world’s pre-eminent teachers, scholars and visionaries in the world of mind-body health. She is a senior student and assistant to Yogarupa Rod Stryker, one of the worldʼs most well-respected yoga and meditation teachers today. This style of practice, known as Para Yoga, blends the three rivers of Tantra Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda and the Yoga Sutras into one comprehensive study. Katie Silcox was also named one of San Franciscoʼs Best Yoga Teachers Under 30 by Common Ground Magazine. She is a writer for Yoga Journal On-Line, is a nationally-sponsored Athleta “Power to the She” athlete, and has a regular slot on the Where is My Guru radio show. She is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Educator and Bliss Therapist from the country’s most recognized school of Ayurveda, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Hindu Religion and Philosophy. Katie currently teaches workshops, retreats and trainings nationally.


For more information, visit: http://parayogini.com

Shilo McCloud

Shilo offers paintings and devotional art classes for individuals and groups. Painting for Shiloh is a a spiritual practice, a prayer and a way to share her love. Her creations are the bountiful harvest from a life lived in service to Beauty and the Divine. To learn more visit: www.shilohsophiastudios.com


Daria offers readings, ceremonies, workshops and gifts. She is currently teaching a beginning Psychic Tools/Clairvoyant Meditation class. Daria reads, teaches and officiates with clarity, respect, an open heart and a sense of humor. She is trained in the visual and esoteric arts, with an advanced degree in painting and certification in various divining and healing techniques. Daria studied painting at the Cooper Union and the University of British Columbia, Hatha yoga with Sandra Sammartino and Beth Sampson, Laughter Yoga with Monnet Zubieta and Kid’s yoga with Maalaa Lazar. She is a third degree Reiki practitioner and tarot reader apprenticed under Katyanna Gabriel, and is a graduate of meditation, healing, and clairvoyance programs at the Reno Psychic Institute. Daria received her Doula training at American River College in Sacramento, CA.


For more information, visit: www.arktosaerios.com


Rebbeca Speert

Rebecca is passionate about regenerative systems within culture and ecosystems.Her goal is to bring the connections between people and nature closer to the forefront. With stronger understanding of ourselves, each other, and the environment, Rebecca believes we will find the solutions to many of our global challenges. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes not only help individuals to thrive, but these shifts affect loved ones, communities, and consequently the world. Specialties: Integrative nutrition and healing; Sustainable Choices; Women’s Empowerment; Jewish Culture; Permaculture Design; Nature Awareness; Nonviolence. Her coaching practice, named “HealthRoots,” provides counsel in nutrition, positive lifestyle changes, and healthy choices at home.


For more information, email Rebecca at: rspeert@comcast.net


Rebecca Webb

Rebecca is a psychic healer specializing in intuitive readings, hands-on-healings, and relaxing massage. Rebecca loves assisting people in clearing limitations that keep them from living a miraculous life and has facilitated healings in far-flung places like, India, Nepal and Greece. A graduate of Berkeley Psychic Institute and Aesclepion Healing Center Rebecca has been helping people heal and transform their lives for over 15 years.


For more information, email Rebecca at: beccaweb@yahoo.com


Hera Hagstoz

I am Peyton Theodore. A healer, teacher, author, and philosopher. But who am I, truly? I am a deeply spiritual being and a born healer. The seed of inquiry was planted within me and I have lived my life asking the biggest and most profound questions there are to ask. This process has filled me with more and more light. And what I've learned is that enlightenment is the journey that leads us from fear to love.


My mission is to empower, educate, and enable people as we progress in the New Age. This is no longer a time of competition, linear growth, and dooms day philosophy. It is a time of cooperation, of integration, of interdependence, and of positivity. Are you ready to take a journey with me? 


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