American Priestess

American Priestess provides ordination and license certification for contemporary priestesses to serve their community as spiritual leaders, healers, and teachers.


AP is program produced by BS 501c3 religious organization and public charity, a government-recognized ecofeminist church ordaining priestesses in women's spiritual traditions

and shamanic and ritual. 


The American Priestess program provides legal licensure for women who are called to practice as priestesses in the USA.

AP also provides 

We also offer fiscal sponsorship for a variety of women spirituality projects. Click here to go to Belldaonna

Priestess Services


Belladonna priestesses are professionally trained and legally licensed to serve in the United States as wedding officiants, spiritual counselors and healers. Priestess services include officiating marriages, assisting as spiritual midwives during births and hospice, facilitating other rites of passage and much more.


To inquire about hiring a Belladonna priestess for a service, please click here.


Priestess Vocational Training


Belladonna provides legal licensure and professional training for American priestesses. History courses and lectures are offered on the topics of Goddess, priestess, seeress, female mediumship and shamanism, as well as studies in women and religion in America, women and world religion, and eco-feminism. Experiential classes are offered in clairvoyance, trancemediumship, energetic healing, and ritual. Business intensives include practical instruction in small business set-up, finance, national and international trademark filing, marketing and more.


To inquire about the path of the priestess as a primary or complementary vocation, please contact Belladonna.


Priestess Vocational Support


Belladonna provides tools and resources for professional priestesses through its American Priestess online community website and Sorella Fiscal Sponsorship Program. 


The American Priestess™ website connects priestesses and those who would be interested in their services and offerings through the following: free online women’s spirituality and priestess events listings free online directory of priestesses.


As a 501(c)(3) public charity, Belladonna is able to provide fiscal sponsorship, legal and tax-exempt status to priestesses and eco-feminist spirituality groups with projects aligned with its mission. Belladonna offers fiscal sponsorship through its program called Sorella ("sister" in Italian).


To learn more about Sorella's past sponsored projects and discuss fiscal sponsorship for your sister project, please click here.


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