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This book identifies women’s psychic skills and ritual ceremonies as ancient and contemporary tools for creating a more viable Earth community in the present and future. This inquiry explores the author’s hypothesis that some females’ psychic abilities are used as tools for reinventing, reclaiming, or re-invoking the human that creates, nurtures, and sustains life. Using the organic inquiry research method, this hypothesis was explored and defined through a master’s thesis co-research process from spring 2002 through spring 2006. It is comprised of the stories of professional female psychics in the San Francisco Bay Area. Restitution of the Seeress emerges from the author’s fifteen years as a female practitioner of clairvoyance and energetic or spiritual healing, and thirteen years as a priestess facilitating rites of passage, including ceremonies honoring birth, menstruation, marriage, divorce, and death.

She Is Everywhere! An Anthology of Writing in Womanist/Feminist Spirituality is produced by Belladonna Sanctuary's press Belladonna Media. It is perhaps the first womanist/feminist anthology which includes women’s voices from many cultural and spiritual traditions across the globe from past to present. This book will be enormously useful and stimulating to women’s studies classes and the emerging vibrant study of women’s spirituality. “By venerating Her I am able to salute the divinity in all women and myself.”-Luisah Teish”We are at the brink of new age which will be defined by new concepts in science, religion, and the reclamation of the values of the Dark Mother.”-Necia Harkless”In my micro-geography, she is everywhere: in a sweat lodge in Indian Canyon, or in the Guadalupe chapel in San Juan Bautista, in a field of blue corn in Aromas protected with corn dollies, or in the Rodriquez Street Laundry in Watsonville “-Jennifer Colby”In bringing memories of Her to the surface, I feel reborn, reconnected to the Earth, reunited with my Great Mother.”-Sandy Miranda”Traveling to lands and sacred sites where evidence of the Goddess is irrefutable gives me a new spark and added hope Sardinia herself is the Great Mother.”-Leslene della Madre”The more women’s voices I heard; the more I came to see the Sacred Feminine as immanent; the more I saw women who seemed to be filled with joy even in the midst of adverse circumstances “-Deborah Grenn

Splendid, spiritual, and subversive, She Is Everywhere! (Vol. II)  offers a sampler of just some of the feminisms emerging in academic seminars, street demonstrations for justice, and places where people are reclaiming their ancestral values.


She Is Everywhere! Vol. 2 is comprised of international essays, poems, and works of art from the growing community of women and men who recognize Her and feel Her call to expression in many forms. This unique volume presents a fresh look at women in the Judeo-Christian Bible, in the Koran, and in the kaleidoscopic beauty of the world’s women from her signs in caves, cliffs, and forests to her many faces, manifestations, and hidden places.Celebrate woman’s spirituality, her colors, her islands and continents, her rages and blessings in weather, her silences, and her surprising epiphanies. She Is Everywhere! Vol. 2 leads the contemporary cultural and political nonviolent revolution for a radically democratic and harmonious world full of compassion, equality, and transformation!

Stepping Into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writings on Priestesses is a colorful tapestry of voices illuminating the roles and perspectives of priestesses in the ancient and modern worlds and weaving them together to create the beautiful fabric of women’s sacred service. The personal essays, academic articles, poetry, rituals, and tools in this book will speak to your heart, inspiring you to step into your own spiritual authority. Includes an essay by Josephine MacMillan.

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