Pele's Gardens

This three-acre farm located in Puna, Big Island, Hawai'i, is part of a burgeoning local food movement that’s attempting to reverse decades of the state's deepening dependence on imports. Pele's Gardens is dedicated to enhancing Hawai'i's food security by producing organic foods for food banks and to be sold at local farmer's markets. This farm will provide experiential education in the areas of permaculture farming, social permaculture, leadership, sustainability and personal & collective growth. The farm will provide opportunities for community members to learn how to grow food in their own home gardens.

Phase I Excavation of the land; Create farm and garden design plan

Phase II Install water catchment systems; Construction of sleeping yurts, community kitchen and bath; Install solar panels

Phase III Planting of trees and vegetables; installation of bee hives

Phase IV Design and construction of the greenhouse

Phase V Install plantings in the greenhouse

Phase VI Install aquaponics system

To see some of the fruits and vegetables to be grown, click here.

To contact the Program Manager of Pele's Gardens and learn more about this program, click here to contact Belladonna Sanctuary.

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