The Seeress

The Seeress™ Sesson I

Belladonna's foundational clairvoyant training and meditation class series.


This class series will activate the third eye and stimulate clairvoyant development. You will learn the Belladonna method for identifying and effectively clearing the chakras, aura and subtle energy systems. You’ll complete this course with a proven meditation practice that will fuel spiritual growth, clear karma, balance spiritual contracts and restore psychic health for a lifetime. The technique is specially designed to help you feel frequencies of bliss in your body as you raise your vibration.


The Seeress™ Session II


Belladonna's advanced clairvoyant training and meditation class series.


The Seeress™ II series offers advanced training in the arts of meditation, trancehealing and mediumship for the professional seeress and priestess.


The Seeress™ Extension 


Belladonna Priestesses are available to travel and teach "The Seeress" program to other spiritual communities and Goddess groups as well.


Instructor: Josephine MacMillan (click here for more information)


The program "The Seeress" is named from the book, Restitution of the Seeress, on the history of the ancient seeress and a study of contemporary San Francisco Bay Area women psychics by Josephine MacMillan.

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